Powder-Handling Solutions: Feeding and Pneumatic Conveying Systems for the Process Industries

Find your powder-handling solution in this wide-ranging overview of challenging bulk materials and the feeding and conveying systems Coperion K-Tron has designed to solve them.

Feeding and material handling equipment for the process industries

On these Industries Served pages you'll learn about the many powder-handling solutions Coperion K-Tron has designed and manufactured for the world's process industries.

Powder is used here in the broad meaning of bulk materials: these are the raw ingredients that feed the process industries. Anyone who has had to handle fiberglass, sticky additives, shredded cheese, raisins, or regrind, knows that not all problem bulk materials are powders. But powders like the ever-present TiO2 have earned their reputation as the leaders of the problem bulk material pack.

Every chemical process, from food and beverages, to pharmaceuticals, plastics, detergents, and more, has its unique materials and process constraints. So while all processes employ the same engineering-unit operations to convert raw materials into finished products, your industry may require feeding and material handling equipment or complete system designs that are customized to specific application needs.

Plastics industry powder-handling solutions: Plastics production frequently requires high-accuracy gravimetric feeders and reliable pneumatic conveying systems. You will find examples here of bulk material transport from railcar unloading to storage, to in-plant conveying, feeding, blending, scaling, and sifting. Plastics processes that frequently deal with difficult dry bulk materials include resin manufacturing, compounding and extrusion.

Pharmaceutical and Nutraceutical industries powder-handling solutions: Product containment, sanitary design and clean-in-place are characteristic requirements for feeding and material handling systems in the pharmaceutical industry. Delicate materials such as tablet granulations, active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs), excipients and finished capsules and tablets must be handled with great care and absolute reliability.

Food and Pet Food industries powder-handling solutions: You’ll find examples of feeding and conveying systems ranging from tortillas and bread to cake mixes, pasta, rice, snack food, cereal, candy, cookies and crackers, ice cream and pet food. Sanitary design, cleanability and gentle handling of fragile materials are often important factors in selecting feeding and conveying equipment in the food and pet food industries.

Chemicals and Minerals industies powder-handling solutions: Chemical and mineral processors employ feeders and pneumatic conveying to handle bulk materials such as calcium carbonate, copper-hydroxide, talc, bentonite clay, kaolin clay, soda ash, limestone, sodium-benzoate, burnt wood chips, clay/carbon blend, gypsum, vanadium-pentoxide, dolocron, dicalcium-phosphate, silica, TiO2, lead oxide, ammonia-sulfate and boric acid and more.

SAP Applications: Super Absorbent Polymer (SAP) is a key component in the manufacture diapers and personal hygiene products. SAP is a free flowing, hygroscopic polymer. When it comes in contact with liquid it turns into a gel that contains the moisture and will not release it, even if subjected to pressure.

The manufacture of these products is a continuous process that requires very accurate and uniform distribution of SAP onto a fast-moving band of cellulose or bicomponent fiber. Feeder accuracy truly determines the quality of the end product. Coperion K-Tron 's exclusive Bulk Solids Pump (BSP) has proven to be the ideal feeder for SAP thanks to its uniform, pulse-free material flow.

Learn How Coperion K-Tron Engineers Can Design a Powder-Handling Solution for Your Process

From a single feeder or self-contained vacuum loader, to plant-wide feeding and conveying systems, Coperion K-Tron application engineers have been solving difficult material-handling challenges for your industry. The following pages are just a short sample of the many application-specific solutions available to the world's process industries.